PPE for all your needs

KN95 masks

Made from thick particulate filter material.

Pliable metal piece to conform to the nose.  

Each sealed package contains 5 pieces.

Please note: these are not for medical use.  

Non-surgical masks

Single use pleated masks.

Please note: these are not for medical use. 


A comfortable shield designed to completely cover your face.

Made of a polymer material with a soft foam strip to help keep the shield in place.

Non-sterile, disposable.

Product should be kept away from heat source to avoid damage.


A wide variety of nitrile gloves in multiple sizes for various needs.

Both non-chemo and chemo-rated available.

Able to supply both small and large quantities.


2 oz spray bottles.

10 or 16 oz canisters.

Scented or non-scented.

Made in USA.